It’s Tasty Tuesday!

I love an alliteration!  It couldn’t be avoided.  Thanks for all the reads on my posts yesterday!  I really love the opportunity to gush on companies that I love!  Now it’s on to another company that I love. 

Larabar has only recently been on my radar.  I was getting them in my Foodie Pen Pal box, seeing them on sale at Natural Grocer, and then they were in my gigantic swag bag from BLEND.  I could no longer ignore the greatness that was the Larabar!

What I love: You can read, recognize, and pronounce every item on the label!!  I love that these are an afternoon (or post – workout snack) that isn’t full of wierd things that may or may not agree with my digestive system.  No surprises here!

Second thing that I love: They are local!  I know being in Colorado makes a whole lot of good for you foods local so I guess I can say I’m lucky.  Anything that is made in Colorado is worth a taste!

Third thing that I love: They want to give YOU stuff!  I love the new uber bars.  Not only do they have the traditional ingredients but there are also nuts and other fruit!  Love that this is truly a snack that wows the taste buds and fills you up!

There are 4 flavors: Apple Turnover, Bananas Foster, Roasted Nut Roll, and Cherry Cobbler!

To Enter: Leave me a comment telling me which you want to try!

One (1) winner will receive a sampling (16 bars) of the new uber bars!

Bonus entries:

1. Follow me on twitter @kemerselis and leave a comment telling me you did!

2. Like me on facebook here and leave a comment telling me you did!

Thanks to larabar for sponsoring this giveaway!

This contest closes on Saturday and I will annouce a winner next week!  Good luck



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12 responses to “It’s Tasty Tuesday!

  1. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    I love Larabars!! I would really like to try the Cherry Cobbler – sounds yummy. 🙂

  2. I’m not one for cherry, but the Apple Turnover sure sounds delicious!

  3. I’ve tried ’em all and they alllll rock. Except banana cuz banana makes my tummy curl. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Georgiana

    Cherry Cobbler sounds heavenly & cherrilicious!

  5. I love Larabars and just ran out, plus only have $8 budgeted out for my next stash on Friday! This would be such perfect timing! I love the roasted nut roll, but I’d really like try to the apple turnover!

  6. I am now following you on Twitter!

  7. Renata

    The Apple Turnover sounds delicious like a fresh apple pie!

  8. Renata

    I follow you on Twitter too! Thanks so much!

  9. Ray

    I love fresh cherries so Cherry Cobbler would be my pick!

  10. I love larabars and apple turnover sounds delicious!

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