One Word Wednesday

While I have been a little out of touch lately, I thought I would share some of the great snaps I’ve been grabbing with my phone!  Promise I will have a new Monday Suds next week and some other updates!  I just wish I had more time to share all of the thoughts swirling around in my head.  Why is it when I want to write I can’t?

















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Weekday Suds: Berthoud has a second brewery!


We have been spending a lot of time close to home and we haven’t gotten out to all of the breweries I had hoped to at this point.  But luckily for me, a brewery opened up a few blocks away from one of our other frequent stops.  July 4th weekend was Berthoud Brewing Co.’s first full weekend!  I saw a bit of buzz for their soft opening and knew I had to stop in.

As the new brewers settle into their new set up, they are brewing on a 5 barrel system with 10 barrel fermenters.  I was able to taste four beers, 3 soon to be standards and 1 firkin.  6 standard beers will eventually make it to the tap handles at the bar.


What I loved about about the brewery is the amount of history that was packed within the walls.  Most of the wood was reclaimed from barns around Berthoud.  There were traces of the trains that brought Berthoud to Colorado all over.  You can get a glimpse of Berthoud’s history from the Switch Track Amber description.

“It’s not every day an entire town moves. Not every decade either. But that’s what happened when in 1883 when the Berthoud train depot started getting demands from railroad managers. The officials said the depth of the Berthoud valley and the heavy weight of the loads made it difficult for the train to get out. But that wasn’t the only problem. After the train’s first two years running, engineers just up and went missing when they passed through town.”


My favorite part of going to a new brewery is the staff!  Everyone behind the bar (and the staff at the bar) were so excited to answer questions and tell us about their beer.  What I learned is that over the next few months, Berthoud Brewing Company is aiming to be a place to hang out and have a few beers.  Each beer will be sessionable and full flavored!  Hopefully we can get some food trucks in and we can walk hang out for a meal and enjoy the full menu of beers!

Good luck BBC!  I can’t wait to see what else you can send out! (Especially the Friday Firkins)


And if you don’t like beer (you might be in the wrong place!), here is a picture of fireworks for you!



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What are you tapping your toes to?

It’s almost the 4th and that means a long weekend of family time and outdoor eating! I’ve got a few new recipes to try and I will definitely be soaking up the sun. If you are looking for a little musical inspiration to get you through the last few hours of the this work week, check out my July Spotify list!

And if I don’t have wi-fi on the patio tomorrow, enjoy the fireworks!

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Weekday Suds: Dogs, Suds, and Big Dreams!

IMG_4808  IMG_4810

Well it’s been a sporadic few weeks but it’s time to come back and share my latest beer adventure!  This time, we didn’t try anything new.  We helped a great brewery and a great organization raise money while drinking beer and petting puppies!  On Sunday, City Star Brewing put on the annual Hops & Harley event to raise money for National Mill Dog Rescue.  If you haven’t seen anything about Harley before, check out his story here.


From the City Star Press Release (read the full one here)

“Harley spent 10 years living in a small cage in a puppy mils, never knowing the touch of a kind hand … until he was rescued and found a loving home.  City Star Brewing, located in Berthoud, Colorado, learned the plight of the puppy mill dogs through Harley.  “Hops and Harley” then became a reality.”


We had a great time drinking some Honey Wheat for Harley, eating from a local food truck, and bidding on the silent auction.  This was a dog friendly event so there was plenty of puppies to play with.  We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend weather wise!  It is so nice to see a community rally together for a great cause and be able to bring the whole family, even the furry ones.

And if you have the inclination, you can still help dogs like Harley find a forever home by donating here!

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I’m back from the dead

It feels like I have been living in a gray fog since Sunday night.  Last weekend I was able to spend the weekend with this cutie, and of course the rest of the family!  Isn’t she cute??

CAM00856 CAM00854 CAM00855

What I didn’t expect was for the Iowa weather to trigger my Iowa allergies.  I have been recovering all week from a massive sinus infection that came with two ear infections as well! I can’t remember the last time my allergies knocked me out this hard.  Luckily (note the sarcasm), I am getting on a plane tomorrow for a work trip the Big Easy!

Hopefully one more night of sleep and a few more doses of my meds will have me feeling much better.  Back on Monday with some beer travels and hopefully I can share some NOLA pictures with you too!

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Monday Suds: Wiley Roots Greeley, Colorado

So when you want to drive your new car around Colorado, you might find yourself further from home than you think. A few weekends back, before the Poudre River came up, we found ourselves at the Wiley Roots Tap Room. Both Miranda and Kyle were in and we were able to sit down for a chat.IMG_4756IMG_4758

Over a tasty Con Lima beer, a collaboration with the Rio Grande restaurant, Miranda told me about their flagship beer, the Super 77. It is so popular it was out the day we were in but I can take the GABF judges’ word for it that it was worth the bronze medal!


Miranda and Kyle have been open since July 20th, 2013 and they are brewing in Crabtree Brewing’s old spot on the north end of town. After some remodeling to make the space fit the current equipment, a 7 barrel system, and the wall featuring the mug club members, they were ready to go!


There is no particular style of beer that they favor, but as the name suggests, they want to honor their roots. Both their ancestral roots, as shown by the flags on the wall, but also their Colorado roots. The beer is simply done and simply delicious, doing both their European roots and Colorado histories proud.IMG_4760

With the last set of nasty weather, the Poudre River came up and deposited some water in the Wiley Roots tap room. This photo is from the Wiley Roots Facebook page.

If you find yourself in Greeley, make sure to stop in and support some local business owners who really need it. The beer is great and the community rallied together to make sure they would have something to pour you on your next stop in. The big anniversary party is on July 19th so be sure to check out all of the details here!

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A musical Friday

Sadly, I’m not on my way to Park City today!  You’ll all have to fill me in when you get back.

It’s been a crazy week settling back in after my surprise vacation.  Thought I would just share a few tunes with you for your Friday drive home!

And since it’s June, here is the long playlist in the making from the last 6 months!



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