I’m wondering? What’s in your gym bag?

So as of December 1st, I am back at the gym.  A while back we gave up our membership to the YMCA because we weren’t using it.  We told ourselves that we would spend more time biking and hiking.  While in theory that was a good plan, it just didn’t happen.  When we bike or hike, we like to have the time to get out and do something long which didn’t help us on the weekdays.  Sadly, that means that work outs were few and far between.

Now that we have started at the gym, we are trying to take full advantage of the equipment, the classes, and the track.  Spending this increasing amount of time at the gym means that we are getting ready for work or coming from work at the gym almost everyday.

Source: http://www.ci.longmont.co.us/rec/gen/index.htm
Source: http://www.ci.longmont.co.us/rec/gen/index.htm

Getting ready for work at the gym hasn’t been too bad.  The Rec Center has a nice locker room and plenty of space to get ready in the morning.  The problem that I have run into is being prepared for the gym.  I have the basics in my bag but there are still some things that I don’t like.  One of those things is the bag with the wet wash cloth in it.  I hate that I have a bag of wet stuff in my car all day.  How do I get around this?  My other issue is that I don’t have a gym bag.  Do I need one?  We have been using an overnight bag that is washable and easy to carry.  Do I really need a special bag to haul around dirty laundry?

So I’m wondering what are the essentials in your gym bag?  Please help me get stocked up so I can keep this gym thing going without getting frustrated and giving up!

7 thoughts on “I’m wondering? What’s in your gym bag?

  1. I always tend to over pack, so recently I downsized my bag to a small towel, (like a golf towel) deodorant, and just my water bottle! Now I don’t feel weighed down and I have not needed anything since cutting back.

  2. I would trade your washcloth for disposable face wipes, so you don’t need to cart that around. Then make a bag with lots of small versions of your morning routine and keep that in a waterproof bag. Throw in a fresh towel and your work clothes each day, then you should be set! I would recommend a dedicated bag for the gym, but it doesn’t need to be anything special. 🙂

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