Friday Five

First off, I want to thank you guys for your support yesterday.  There was a beautiful tribute to the man that passed away in the paper today.  After reading all of the comments around the social media universe about him and his partner, I know that an entire community is sad at his passing. 

On Wednesday, I thought it had to be Friday.  I had spent a majority of the week on my own (the Husband was traveling) and by the time I had picked him up from the airport Wednesday night, I was begging him to never leave for that long again.  I had run out of things to do!  There were some things that added some brightness to my week and I did want to share them.

First up, another new to me artist and album.  I stumbled across this one from an NPR podcast and I listened to it on repeat this week.  It’s soft and the melody just flows in and out of my day.  I don’t think I could get bored listening to Matt Alber


The second item on the list is this post on the Huffington Post.  It’s definitely a reminder to not take yourself so seriously!

Third on the list could be junk TV in general.  But to narrow it down, I give you Hollywood Game Night.  Basically, you watch TV celebrities old and new hang out and make jokes at each other’s expense.  And if you are a TV junkie like me, you will recognize everyone!  As a close runner up, have you seen Drunk History??



This place!


Every day I am reminded that I live in a community that is supportive and more close knit than you expect.  When I was home by myself, I knew that there was always some place I could go and hang out with people I knew.  There are so many people that have made our now 4 years in Longmont amazing and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Finally, Ingrid Michaelson made me smile on my way in this morning.  Take a minute and really listen to the lyrics.  “Know that maybe I will be ok”

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Hug your favorite people.  Heck, even hug some of your least favorite people if you have time!

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