Monday Suds: Ouray Brewing

When I travel anywhere I am looking for a new brewery.  When we stopped to look at the falls in Ouray (pronounced You-Ray), pictures coming tomorrow, we definitely needed a place to stop for lunch.  The brewery has as a great downtown location and a separate brew house on the other end of the town.  Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to see the brewing system while I was there but definitely on the next trip.sign


When we stopped in, we were treated to some amazing views and some tasty brews. The patio at the top was definitely worth the climb up.  It was a great way to see what was happening in town.


There were 5 beers on tap when we stopped in but there was a collaboration beer that was in the works as well.  What I really enjoyed about the beers at Ouray was how drinkable and clean they were.  Everything was simple and balanced and could be enjoyed all afternoon!


We were also able to chat with the brewers who were in the pub  for the day.  We hung out in swings in the bar!  Real swings that were really a trip!  They let us know that the spent grains are sent to a local farmer and they use recycled dairy tanks for the brew system.  It’s great to see breweries being resourceful with the entire brewing process.  growlers

I really enjoyed the Camp Bird Blonde during my chat the bar.  We have seen so many big and heavy beers throughout our tours that it was nice to taste something that was easy to drink but not lacking in flavor and mouth feel.


Be sure to check out Ouray Brewing’s website here and like them on Facebook!

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2 thoughts on “Monday Suds: Ouray Brewing

  1. Ouray is one of my favorite places in the world! I grew up not far from there (Montrose area), and I love to go to Ouray when we’re visiting my parents. I’ve never been to the brewery, though. Looks fun!

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