Monday Suds: Coopersmiths


With a little time to kill in Ft. Collins, the Husband and I found ourselves at CooperSmith’s.  This was a brewpub with a full bar, beers made in house, and a tasty menu.  I ordered a flight of CooperSmith’s beer and found a tasty chili beer, a fantastic brown, and three sodas made in house.  As I look back on our visit, what I remember are some pretty tasty beers (nothing I would turn down), and great space, and an amazing dessert!  That’s right, Monday Suds is turning into Monday Sweets.

IMG_4155  IMG_4157

We were there on a weekday afternoon so it was pretty quiet.  There were some chatty regulars and some people in for lunch.  We had eaten but I couldn’t pass up the brownie on the menu.  There was whiskey ganache, fluffy brownie, homemade whip cream, and we nearly demolished the whole thing.  This was definitely the stand out of the afternoon.


If I find myself in Ft. Collins on a Friday night for dinner, I might try out this place and see what the pool hall is like across the way!

And a nice shot of downtown Ft. Collins.


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