Monday Suds: Equinox Fort Collins


With a little more time in Ft. Collins, we had one more stop to make!  We headed up the street and found ourselves at Equinox.  We have been here before but it had been a while.  When we walked in, we were greeted with seats at the bar and a few choices for trays and pints.

Equinox_Bar Pint

One thing is for sure, Equinox is not lacking for choice!  There were 16 beers on tap and definitely some must tries.  I tested on the standard flight and remembered with a few quick sips that I loved Equinox!  The beers were balanced with a few interesting tastes on tap.  Nothing that I would pass on.


From the Equinox website :

“The most common question we get is, why Equinox Brewing? The equinox, and the intrigue of equal night and day, has deep roots in history and ritual. But, at the same time, the equinox marks the changing of the season, and forces us to look toward the future. We find it interesting that the two days out of the year that have perfect light and dark balance also show the balance between the past and the future, tradition and innovation. Beer contains similar elements. Sure, there’s the balance of flavors in a beer; sweet and bitter, rich and simple…”


The most interesting taste of the day was the Sahti.  This was a style that I had never tried before.  It is a Finnish style beer made with absolutely no hops!  That’s right, this hop head enjoyed the least hoppy choice of the day.  While the banana taste in the beer comes from the chemical process during fermentation, the notes of nut butter is what I am told makes it stand out.  If you are curious about the Sahti sytle, check it out here.  I would definitely be back for this beer.  It’s a shame it looks like it was a limited release.


I would definitely consider this a stop if you are planning a tour in Ft. Collins.  If you need a place to curl up with some board games and a cheese plate and a tasty beer, be sure to put Equinox on your list (and check them out on the web)!

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