Weekday Suds: A family brewery business

IMG_4743   IMG_4746

One more discovery from the New Brew Fest!  This time, we hit up Industrial Revolution Brewing Company in Erie.  This family owned and operated spot seemed like a great place to meet up with friends and chill out.  While the inside space was small (lloks like seating is set for a few dozen) and a bit dark, the patio was a great place to find a big table.  IRBC is nestled right in an older part of Erie.  It’s the only watering hole on the block and you can get food from the restaurant down the street.

At the New Brew Fest, the Passionfruit Wheat was definitely my favorite.  What I was surprised about was the Orange Ale this time around.  You can check out the entire beer menu was here.  This is a cream ale infused with orange.  It was great for summer drinking!  The beer menu is still small so as long as you find a style that you like, you are set!

The Erie beer scene is definitely start to come alive.  This space was built with the love of father and son and you can tell that they are proud of the beer that they are serving!  They have created a space that is family friendly and cozy.  There are some great pubs, the Old Mine, and Echo will be open soon!  If you are looking for a laid back afternoon, try Erie!

IMG_4748  IMG_4750 IMG_4751

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