I wish I were outside!

The weather in Colorado has started to change.  Having officially completed my first year here, I am very excited for fall!!  I know that this weekend will probably end up being hot again but I can now sleep with the windows open. 

The leaves on the trees have already started to change and the geese have started to hang out at the resovoir near our townhouse waiting for more cold weather before moving on.

Shawn and I will start biking and hiking until there is too much snow on the ground to do so any longer.  We can eat dinner outside and hang out until it is too dark to see each other. 

Fall also means that I can start wearing my favorite sweaters to work, break out the great fall shoes, and live in jeans and hoodies on Sundays.

Now only if the Pumpkin Spice Lattes were readily available…

What’s your favorite thing about fall??

2 thoughts on “I wish I were outside!

  1. Baking apple pies, eating my weight in candy corn, halloween costumes, New England foliage and much much more! 😉

    Ps. Yes I’m commenting from my phone while I wait for your customers lol

  2. My favorite thing about Colorado fall is the bright yellow Aspens. They make such a gorgeous contrast to the evergreen trees.

    Here in the Midwest however, my favorite thing about fall has GOT to be apple picking. Can’t wait to bake an apple crisp!

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