Breakfast of Champions

This morning I got off to a slow start.  I didn’t get to walk Maggie this morning and I definitely wasn’t in the mood to get ready for work.  To pep me up, the Husband enlisted my help to make a special breakfast.  It’s special because it’s a different recipe and also because it was just for me.  I had fresh tomatoes to be used and he definitely wasn’t going to be eating them.

So I present to you the Egg Bake!

It consists of 1 tablespoon of milk per large egg (We used three eggs), your favorite veggies (we had the aforementioned tomatoes and kale), and your favorite cheese (cubed!).

Mix up the eggs and milk and put into an already heated pan (for 3 eggs, the Husband said the 8 inch non stick fry pan was optimal!), mid temperature so it doesn’t cook too fast.  Cover and let cook for 4 minutes.  Once your eggs have come together, add your veggies and cheese to the top and recover.  Let it cook for another two minutes.  Plate and enjoy!  I only ate half of what was on my plate.  Breakfast tomorrow too!

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