You’re eating WHAT for dinner?

So as we rang in the New Year in our house,

we set many challenges for ourselves.  In 2013, we were going to be healthier and more well-rounded invididuals, one way or another…

And then we made our menu.  And it was boring!  The same pasta, chicken, light fish meal dance that we do every week.  And then it hit me.  Let’s be pescatarian for a month.  Just four weeks.  And you might be asking, ” You’re going to be a pesca what?”.  In general there are many different kinds of eating plans.  There is a great explanation here.  Pescatarians eat fish, eggs, cheese, and plant based food.  So for at least the next 4 weeks, but most likely 6, we are swearing off all non fishy friends in our diet.  There is one exception though… we are still going to include bacon in the occassional meal.  The Husband is not a fan of breakfast so removing all breakfast meats may cause him to snap (or give up too soon).

The Husband and I aren’t doing this for health or for ethics.  We are just doing this to change up our diet and meal planning habits.  We have traditionally made meat the big hearty meals and fish are for our lighter nights.  This has really inhibited our choices when setting up our plans and we were ready to shake things up!

Start the clock!

We kicked off Sunday with a meal at Bonefish Grill.  And I ventured out of my comfort zone and ordered smoked salmon!  And to my surprise, it was delicious.


We are so ready to take this head on.  We did a lot of planning in advance and we have picked out some great recipes.  I will definitely post our very successful meals!  I will also post about the cravings and shortcomings (in case they happen!).


Have you challenged yourself recently? 

4 thoughts on “You’re eating WHAT for dinner?

  1. Hi Kim! (Remember me from your husband’s MBA program at ISU??) Anyways, you should try Iowa Girl Eat’s Superfood Salad – I make it without any dressing and add grilled shrimp. It is SO good! And I’ll also be at Blend in May 🙂

  2. hey kim! we’ve been experimenting a lot with the random, cheap fish that are at kroger – if you’re up for a little bit of work (and if you like salmon) salmon collar was deeee-licious. best of luck with your challenge!

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