Friday Five

1. It’s summer solstice!

This definitely calls for cocktails and citronella on the patio tonight!  How are you enjoying the extra sunshine? Maybe we will try some of these cocktails… the Mango Peach Sangria looks pretty tasty.

2. I haven’t killed my plants!

It’s been about a month and everything I purchased has survived so far.  We have had one close call but for the most part, things are growing and blooming.  Maybe the days of my black thumb are over!

3. I’ve shared this picture through my instagram and Facebook but I love it!

I think that it shows off the essential sunset and it’s the best part of living in this state!


4. There is finally a song the Husband and I can both laugh at in the car.

And then I found this youtube video and I can’t help but share it with everyone! I work in the natural products and supplement industry so it is especially sharable at work.

5. This audiobook!

It’s read by Jen Lancaster and I can’t help but laugh. I might keep my subscription for the long haul! If anyone hasn’t heard about Jen Lancaster, check out her website and I dare you not to laugh!  The audiobook is about 8 hours long so it should last me a few more days!  When I read her books, I devour them in one sitting so this is definitely a change of pace.

What are you smiling about this week?

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