Another snow storm!

So unfortunately we are two days into November and we have received our second wallop of snow! 

This is the unfortunate view from my window.  Generally Colorado doesn’t see this much snow this early so I hope that it isn’t some bad omen of what’s to come.

Yesterday was a very long day, especially for the Husband.  We had DirectTV installed so he tried to work from home for the morning.  Sadly, that was unsusscessful so he ended up driving in anyway once the guy finished and worked late.  When we got home, the house was a mess due to the install and we only put back what we had to, tonight we will finish. 

It has felt that since he has gone back to work, our house has been a pit.  It has definitely been a challenge for us to adapt to him being back at work.  I am so used to coming home, helping with dinner, and then crashing on the couch with a glass of wine.  Now we have chores and things to accomplish and somewhere in there we have to manage a trip the gym as well once we get home.  I have a two day weekend this week so I am hoping to catch up.  I am also planning another trip to the pool tonight.

Any tips for time management?

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