Wineday Friday: A little holiday Releaf

We’ve almost made it.  For many people around here, the long Holiday weekend has begun.  If that’s the case for you, it’s time to open up some spirits.  When we head home, plenty of wine comes home with us for gifts.  One bottle of wine I got this year was ReLeaf Chenin Blanc.  I wasn’t particularly fond of this wine.  While I had hoped for some bright notes and great acid, it was actually a little watery.  I could tell what they were going for but it just wasn’t quite there.  Organic wine still has a long way to go in my opinion (just like Organic Beer).  Maybe I should just open some tasty Prosecco and start celebrating instead!  My vote, this one isn’t worth the purchase.


Notes from the winemaker:

Releaf Chenin Blanc offers lively aromas of tropical fruits and melon with crisp citrus and tropical fruit flavors.
Varietal(s): 85% Chenin Blanc 7.5% Moscato 7.5% Colombard
Region: Wellington, South Africa
Vineyard & Winemaking Notes
Releaf Chenin Blanc is produced with organically grown grapes sourced from the Swartland region of South Africa.  The soils are derived from shale, on partly decomposed parent rock, with good nutrient reserves and water-retention properties. The climate is warm and dry, Mediterranean style, with an average temperature range of 77 to 95°F and an annual rainfall of between 17 to 23 inches, and very sunny with most of the rain occurring in the winter months.”

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