Wineday Friday: Sonoma Snapshots

I thought that I would take this Wineday Friday to share a bit of our trip to wine country.  We had an amazing time and I have about 1000 more pictures to sift through and share.  Which picture is your favorite?  Can you guess mine?

             VMenu.jpg VGrapes.jpg VBarrel.jpg ToadHollow.jpg StarTable.jpg Korbel.jpg IMG_0350.jpg GFSign.jpg HopKiln.jpg GFBarrels.jpg Cupcakes.jpg CCSign.jpg WineCountryWay.jpg CCGrapes.jpg Backyard.jpg



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3 responses to “Wineday Friday: Sonoma Snapshots

  1. I love Healdsburg! Such a cute little town. I was there not too long ago at Bear Republic (brewery). Great pictures!

  2. What a pretty spot. Nice pixs. Thanks for taking us along

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