Welcome to Wineday Friday!

After a very long day yesterday.  I got into the office around 7:35 AM and I didn’t even get back to the office from my meeting until 5:50.  Then I had my drive home.  I felt like my whole afternoon had gotten away from me!  Needless to say I wasn’t really in the mood for any kind of workout.  We ate junk for dinner and I crashed.

This mornig I planned on changing my attitude and starting fresh.  This included the Wii Fit.  While this isn’t a great way to get a hardcore workout, it’s a better option that doing nothing.  I can get some strength and ab workouts from the sessions and you can set up long workouts as well.  This morning, I opted for a quick 30 minute mix of yoga, cardio step, and stretching.  I felt great!

What I really like about the Wii Fit is the measurements of your balance.  This really helps me to do the yoga poses correctly.  Even if I don’t move as far as the girl on the screen, I can still feel my muscles working.

This morning was a homemade bagel with cream cheese.  The Husband and I are still working on the recipe.  Once we have made it unbland, I promise to post here.  They really aren’t that hard!

Also wanted to start a new tradition today.  Every week, the Husband and I go to a wine tasting so I am going to start a Wineday Friday series!  This week, I am going to introduce you to two great wines we have recently tried. 

The first one is called Fizz 56.  When we had it at the tasting I wasn’t really into it.  We were intrigued but I didn’t know if it was really worth the money.  However, I have never been able to say no to fizz and bubbles so we tucked a bottle away in the cooler.  When I tried it again, I found it slightly flowery but no overally so.  I really enjoyed that it was slightly fruity and not overally sweet.  Just a nice balance.  I will be keeping this one on my list!

The second one was the Dogajolo White 2011.  WOWWWW!  Loved this wine!  When we first smelled the wine, definitely smelled the citrus and the round notes.  Not too oaked, not too sweet.  However, when we tasted it the first thing that came to mind was melon.  The melon was amazing and crisp!  If you are not a fan of the melon notes, they definitely got tamer as I got deeper into my glass.  When we hit up the wine store for our blind tasting tonight (super excited!) I will definitely be grabbing another bottle!

Happy Friday to everyone!  Make sure to enjoy a glass of wine tonight!

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