Wineday Friday : Viszlay Vineyard and their 2010 Pinot Noir

One of the vineyards we were able to visit while we were in Healdsburg was quite literally in our backyard!  You could see his barn from our bedroom window and it was quite possibly my favorite stop of the whole trip.  After the Husband set up the visit, we found John checking barrels for the upcoming crush and subsequent storage.  He was a great host and he let us sample some of his extraordinary wines.  The one that we fell in love with (and have had since we got home) was the 201o Pinot Noir.  It was such a luscious wine with great fruit and a great balance.  One of my favorite wines of the trip.  Wine Enthusiast seem to like it as well.  They gave John and his 2010 Pinot 91 points!

After tasting a handful of wines, the Husband and I decided to join the wine club.  We took our first shipment home with us and the next shipment will be arriving in a few months.  Would have loved to join the Barrel club.  Maybe next year!  Make sure you check out their Facebook and Twitter.  Their website is pretty good, too!  Thanks for the wonderful tasting, John, and good luck with those wonderful grapes!

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