Does Monday have to be over?


So the Husband and I have been able to enjoy a three day weekend at home.  We had plans to ski and go out on the town but we stayed pretty close.  On Saturday we did get to try Bookcliff Vineyards in Boulder.  We have encountered quite a few local wineries since moving here but hadn’t found one that we liked.  Definitely like Bookcliff and their wide variety of wines! 



We also got a bit of snow this weekend.  Just a dusting but enough to make everything fresh.  So nice when this is the view from the parking lot at the mall!  Can’t wait to share this with the ladies at the Blend Retreat!


We took Maggie for a walk on the greenway!  She had a blast pretending she was hunting geese and tromping through the snow.



I think we’re all ready for a nap!!  We managed to get some chores done and completed 6 recipes for our weekly prep.  Sauces, breakfasts, and a soup to name a few!  Definitely feel more prepared to get started this week!


How was your Monday?

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